Change the world one home

and two families at a time

We build homes for deserving single mothers in Guatemala to break family poverty cycles.


Phase 1: Identify Deserving Families

To find suitable families to sponsor in Guatemala, Two Beta works with local community and religious leaders in the towns of Patalul and Nahuala. As time has gone on, it has become evident that many of these families were making every effort to help themselves, but naturally indigent circumstances made it impossible to focus on providing for anything greater than the bare necessities of life. These circumstances pressured the children to drop out of school to work, which in turn led to systemic perpetuation of prior impoverished generation's experience.

Phase 2: Raise Funds

Two Beta, is able to finance the production of a home in these rural villages for only $10,000 to $14,000. In order to finance these homes, Two Beta has partnered with Arrived Investment Company who has committed to donating $6000 to Two Beta for every home they build as part of their ”Home for a Home“ campaign. These donations finance approximately half of the construction of our homes. The remainder of the financing comes from individual and organizational one time and recurring donations.


Phase 3: Invest in Local Contractors & Developers

Mi Casa is a Mexican based company that has agreed to franchise their blueprints and manufacturing capabilities to Guatemalan workforce. Arrived will be a key customer and catalyst for growth for entrepreneurs using the Mi Casa model in Guatemala.

Phase 4: Build High-Quality Shelter

Mi Casa has blueprints for single bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom homes. Mi Casa homes are basic structures that are improvements over the current living conditions of the sponsored families, but are also appropriate for the lifestyle and neighborhoods of the families for whom they are built.


Phase 5: Educate Local Children

Many of the families Two Beta works with have children that have had to drop out of school due to a lack of resources. Many of the mothers were never able to finish school, either, which further impacts educational prospects of the children. In partnership with Arrived Investment Company and other organizations, Two Beta offers scholarships and cash incentives to help children and mothers continue to pursue education.



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